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1. Quality is the lifeline of CMMC.

2. Rigorous and meticulous.

3. Scientific and effective.

4. First class service.

5. Elaborately develop new products.

6. Strictly abide by the contracts.

7. Quality and reputation first.

1. 0 defects before delivery.
Prevention, inspection, control, improvement, perfection.
3. Establish a quality system that meets the requirements of the accreditation criteria, maintain the effective operation of the system, continuously improve it, and build a first-class testing institution in China and the world.
4. The test result is stable and reliable, the test report has no wrong judgment, the annual report error rate is less than 2%, the completion rate of corrective actions for nonconformities is 100%, and the safety operation rate is 100%.
Maintain the advanced equipment, The equipment in use is 100% in good condition, The calibration rate of measuring instruments is 100%.

6. Do a good job in service, contract performance rate of 100%, 100% complaint handling rate, customer satisfaction rate of 100%.

7. Full staff quality awareness, participation and assessment.


1. The state key laboratory of high performance corrosion resistant alloys

The key laboratory of high performance corrosion resistant alloys is focused on the market demand of instruments and petroleum exploration for the use of high performance corrosion resistant alloy materials. It is mainly engaged in forward-looking technologies including the manufacture of materials, performance detection and service performance evaluation, and the research and development of the basic, common, key and core technologies. It has become the platform for product design and technological innovation of corrosion resistant alloys.

2. Materials and process laboratory

Main function

◇ Metallographic micro-structure and macro-structure examination of metallic materials (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, powder alloys, superalloys etc.)

◇ Microscopic examination of Surface Morphology of samples

◇ Measurement of depth of coating layer, coating thickness and effective hardening layer of surface metal coating

◇ Element qualitative Analysis and Semi-quantitative Analysis of microscopic region

◇ Involving 2 large / 26 minor / more than 60 test standards approved by CNAS

3 Laboratory of mechanical properties of materials

◆ Room temperature drawing

A series of strength indexes and plastic indexes were measured, including maximum tensile force, tensile strength, yield strength, upper yield strength, post-break elongation, cross-section shrinkage and so on.


GB/T 228.1-2010 (ISO 6892-1:2009) Metallic materials tensile tests part 1: room temperature test method

◆ High temperature properties

The ability of parts to resist various kinds of deformation and stress under high temperature, such as strength, elasticity, plasticity, etc., high temperature tensile, high temperature rupture, high temperature creep.


GB/T 4338-2006 (ISO 783 :1999) Methods of high temperature tensile test for metallic materials

GB/T 2039-2012 (ISO 204 :1999) Test method for uniaxial tensile creep of metallic materials

◆ Hardness

Rockwell hardness(HRA、HRB、HRC)

Brinell hardness(HBW2.5/187.5)

Vickers hardness(HV)


GB/T 230.1-2009 (IS0 6508-1:2005( Metallic materials Rockwell hardness test part 1

GB/T 231.1-2009 (ISO 6506-1:2005) Metallic materials Brinell hardness test part 1

GB/T 4340.1 -2009 (ISO 6507-1-2005) Metallic materials Vickers hardness test part 1

◆ Impact test

Room temperature impact, low temperature impact (-80°C), lateral expansion, fibre section ratio


GB/T 229-2007 (ISO 148-1:2006) Test method for Charpy pendulum hammer for metallic materials

Device model:ZBC-1302


Maximum impact absorption work:300J

Pendulum blade radius:2mm

◆ Eriksson cup drawing test


GB/T 4156-2007 (IS0 20482:2003) Eriksson's Cupping Test of Metal sheet and Strip

Device model:ECT 1604


Plate thickness:0.1-2mm

Plate width(max.):100mm

Load precision:±1%

Deformation measurement accuracy:±1%

◆ Fatigue test


GB/T 4337-2008 (IS0 1143:2008) Metallic materials-fatigue test-rotating bending method

Device model:GPS200 (High frequency fatigue testing machine)


Maximum static load:200KN

Maximum dynamic load:100KN

Frequency range:80-250Hz


High frequency tensile, compression test and fatigue and fracture mechanical properties of metal materials and parts under alternating tension and compression loading were carried out.

4 Material corrosion laboratory

◆ High temperature and high pressure autoclave test


NACE TM0177-2005

Device model:

High temperature and high pressure autoclave testing system (US CORTEST)


Maximum pressure:70MPa

Highest temperature:350℃


Simulation of intergranular corrosion, uniform corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and so on in sulfur-bearing oil and gas applications

◆ Stress loop test


NACE TM0177-2005

Device model:

Stress loop testing system (US CORTEST)

2 high temperature cauldrons 200℃/16MPa

6 Atmospheric temperature and Atmospheric pressure Cauldrons


Intergranular corrosion, uniform corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and so on in simulated application environment

◆ Salt spray test

Device model:

YSYW-60 salt spray tester


To simulate the dispersion system made up of tiny droplets of salt in the atmosphere, for products such as electronics, electricians and automobiles, aviation, mobile communications, motorcycles, plastics, machinery, hardware tools, surface treatment, etc. Integral or partial salt spray corrosion test of component materials.

5 Physical chemistry laboratory

Qualitative and quantitative Analysis of Inorganic elements-Analysis based on sample types, status and element types, and content selection of appropriate Analytical methods

CNAS approved testing items involve more than 110test standards

Materials: steel and alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, ferrochromium, ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese, ferrovanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, precious metals etc.

Elements: more than 30


Process: Dry process or wet process

6 Metering calibration room

Major function

◇ Caliper, micrometer, indicator meter calibration

◇ Balance and balancing weight calibration

◇ Standard thermocouple, standard platinum resistance thermometer, working thermocouple, working thermoresistance calibration

◇ Hardness gauge calibration

◇ Tension testing machine calibration

◇ Spectrophotometer calibration

◇ Carbon sulfur analyzer calibration

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